This is the home of:

  • ▲invest-in-Europe: A network of consultancies in European key countries that support Chinese customers to enable strategic investment in Europe – either through organic growth and expansion of existing business or through strategic acquisitions into technology, brands or distribution.
  • ▲aloVista ltd (aloVista AG): An advisory company in Switzerland with the purpose of helping its customers to define and execute their European strategies and to manage the invest-in-Europe network. Together with the network aloVista helps you with the legal, managerial, operational and cultural aspects of your strategy.


Investments of successful Chinese companies and entrepreneurs into western markets will steadily grow and claim a dramatically increasing share of global markets and capital. The world economy will become more and more intertwined not just with regards to goods and services being exchanged, but also with mutual investments and cross continent ownerships. We are approaching the “end-game of globalization”!

We are positioned to be the preferred partner and advisor of Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs to help establish and execute a sound, sustainable and successful “going global” strategy throughout Europe.


aloVista ltd. and its network invest-in-Europe will provide you with full service support for your success in Europe. Therefore, our network is designed to help you with all that you need: Strategy definition, competency gap analysis, legal, tax, accounting and trustee services, technology, market research, brand definition, logistics, financing, M&A and due diligence services. Our network consists of small and medium size independent law & consulting firms, committed to customer service. Our main goal is to make you successful.


We are working for our customers and we are directly paid by our customers. We do not receive undisclosed compensation or commission fees from anybody else than our customers. Our consulting is action oriented and result focused.